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What (Smart Home) Dreams May Come – One App for All Your Devices!

“Nothing happens unless first we dream.” – Carl Sandburg


We couldn’t agree with the illustrious writer Mr. Sandburg more! So many of the great breakthroughs and innovations that have populated culture and civilization have come about because some forward-thinking man or woman had a dream or novel idea and then had the gumption to pursue that vision to make it reality. In our industry of smart home technology, the ongoing idea and dream of a smart home that really is controlled by one voice-activated system or by one handheld app is certainly a beautiful and epic goal.


We came across this blog post recently on the IoT for All, self-described as “the number one IoT publication and resource dedicated to providing the most relevant and valuable content for the Internet of Things industry.” The blog post was written by Scott Ford, the CEO at Pepper – a US-based Platform-as-a-Service.


As Mr. Ford puts it,


“What started with smart thermostats and video doorbells has quickly expanded to smart kitchen appliances, connected garage doors, sensors to detect water leaks, voice assistants, robot vacuums, and more. As I write this from my office, I can look on my phone and see it’s 72 degrees in my house, I’ve got a package on my front steps, I’m low on eggs in my fridge and my basement dehumidifier is 67 percent full … This level of visibility and control was the first phase of the connected home, but to truly make it a smart home these devices need to be interconnected into experiences. The challenge has been that there are a number of different devices using various protocols and applications that result in different ecosystems that can’t really “talk” to each other … The industry rallying around the Matter protocol as a standard and common “language” is an example of trying to address this issue.”


Ford nails it, doesn’t he? We actually penned a blog post ourselves about Matter recently as well. But what we’d like to point out here is that the reason we created Home Hub in the first place was to create an easy system that could make so-called ‘smart homes’ actually smarter and work in unison – with all your devices working together. With Starling Home Hub, you get just that – your Nest devices working in conjunction with Apple HomeKit, so you can control everything in your smart home from a single app, Apple Home. Miraculous? Well, no, but definitely a step in that direction.



Interested in the easy and affordable Starling Home Hub for managing your Nest-HomeKit integration? Read our FAQs for more information, or get started with your purchase of Starling Home Hub while you’re here. And keep dreaming. Yes, keep dreaming!

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