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Got a first-generation Nest camera? It just got a whole lot better with our Nest HomeKit integration

Yup, that's a Nest Cam IQ (the Outdoor model), which along with the other first-generation cameras may feel sadly neglected by Google, but we're making up for that with extra love from us.

In this latest software update from Starling, we go above and beyond to improve the quality and experience of your Apple HomeKit and Google Nest devices, with a focus on the millions of first-generation Nest cameras still out there.

With higher-quality video and audio and an increased limit of simultaneous camera viewing, your Starling Home Hub will help boost the performance and ease of your smart home.

What is Starling Home Hub?

Starling Home Hub is a revolutionary product designed to solve a common frustration shared by users of Nest and Apple products – their lack of seamless compatibility. At Starling, we've successfully bridged the gap, enabling flawless integration of your Nest Camera, Nest Doorbell, Google Nest Thermostat, Nest Protect, Nest x Yale Lock and other Google Nest products, with Apple HomeKit.

With the Home Hub, you gain complete control over all your Nest smart home devices. Plus, control audio streaming to your Nest Audio, Nest Mini, and Google Nest Hub from any Apple device using AirPlay, and even harness the power of Siri to enhance your smart home experience. Try it for yourself on your phone or even your Apple Watch: “Hey Siri, lower the temperature on my thermostat” or “Hey Siri, show me the Garden Camera”.

What are the new features in Firmware 14.2?

In this latest update, we have dramatically improved quality for first-generation Google Nest cameras. If you own a Nest Cam IQ, Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, Nest Hello / Nest Doorbell (1st gen, wired) or Google Nest Hub Max, we've got great news for you! This update will deliver remarkable improvements in video quality to your Apple Home. With double the frame rate and double the resolution, you'll immediately notice the difference.

But that's not all – we've also made audio quality improvements across all camera models and Nest devices, including the second-generation 2021+ models.

Furthermore, we've upped the ante by increasing the maximum stream limit for these cameras. No longer limited to viewing one camera at a time, you can now monitor up to 10 simultaneously! This will improve your experience if you use the grid view on Apple TV.

We've also significantly improved stream load times for all first-generation cameras, including Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor. So, starting a live view in Apple Home will be much faster!

Firmware 14.2 also supports first-generation Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor cameras transferred to the Google Home app Public Preview, complete with HomeKit Secure Video compatibility.

And, as always, we've taken care of various improvements and bug fixes to ensure your Starling Home Hub operates seamlessly.

How do I download the update for easier Nest HomeKit integration?

At Starling, we're continually dedicated to making your Starling Home Hub experience even better. Firmware 14.2 is now available for all hubs. If you've enabled automatic updates, there's nothing more for you to do – your nest hub is already running the latest 14.2 firmware. Otherwise, simply open the Starling app and follow the on-screen instructions to update your hub and enjoy the new features! We understand that many of you still have first-generation Google Nest HomeKit cameras, and we're excited that these updates will improve the enjoyment, security, and productivity of your Apple smart home.

Looking to improve your smart home's security and ease of use?

Buy yours today and say goodbye to compatibility issues and hello to a more harmonious smart home with the Starling Home Hub! If you wish to communicate with us directly, you can do so here.

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