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Save your life and home (and some money) with Starling Protect professional home monitoring

Let's begin with a true story. You're travelling out of state to visit family, a thousand miles from home. The Nest app on your phone sends a notification from your Nest Protect: 'Emergency. There's smoke in the Bedroom'. But since bad things always happen at the worst possible time, you miss the alert: you're busy socializing, or maybe it's the middle of the night and you're asleep. It's hours later when you finally pick up your phone, and your heart sinks.

It's probably a false alarm. But maybe it wasn't, and now you're in real trouble.

Here's another true story, which begins the same way with you away from home, only this time you see the Nest Protect alert immediately on your iPhone. You call a neighbor who confirms there really is a fire. You dial 911, but the operator can't dispatch emergency services because you're several states away from home. They look up the fire department for your location (in a real paper phone book - remember those?) and give you the number. You hang up and call, and a few minutes later the fire department is on its way. But you've wasted valuable time getting to this point, and when there's a home emergency, a few minutes can make the difference between saving your home and losing everything.

Introducing Starling Protect

With Starling Home Hub, there's a much better way: our Starling Protect 24/7 professional home monitoring service.

Starling Protect adds 24/7 professional monitoring to homes with Starling Home Hub and Nest Protect located in the United States. If a Nest Protect detects heavy smoke or carbon monoxide, our live agents will contact you (and optionally a secondary emergency contact) by text and phone call. If you confirm the emergency or we can't reach you, we'll automatically dispatch local emergency services to your property.

Whether you're at home or thousands of miles away, Starling Protect ensures your home is protected, with emergency dispatch in less than a minute after an alarm is triggered, even if you don't answer our call. And, unlike other home monitoring services, there are no fines or penalties for call-outs due to false alarms.

Starling Protect is available for homes located in all 50 US states (including Hawaii and Alaska), plus Washington DC.

Starling Protect also saves you money, not just your home

Starling Protect was developed in partnership with Noonlight, the leader in home emergency response solutions, and our call centers are UL-listed and TMA Five Diamond certified - the gold standard in professional monitoring services. That means that Starling Protect qualifies for home insurance discounts under most homeowner policies. Insurance discounts available for professional monitoring are usually worth $100 a year or more, which more than covers the cost of the Starling Protect service.

So Starling Protect can save your home, your life and also save you some money. Why not give it a try?

I want to try Starling Protect (for free)

Starling Protect is free for the first month for new subscribers (limited time offer), then just $7.99/month, billed via the Apple App Store. A single subscription covers all the Nest Protect smoke alarms, hubs and homes you own. Our service offers an industry first in providing monitoring for all your properties at a single low monthly cost. There are no minimum service periods, and you can cancel at any time.

It takes less than a minute to sign up for Starling Protect, and all you need is a Starling Home Hub and Nest Protect. Just go to the Starling app on your iPhone or iPad, navigate to the Starling Protect 24/7 Monitoring section, and press Subscribe. Then, follow the in-app instructions to enroll your home or homes, and download your home monitoring certificate to provide to your insurance company. You can add any additional Starling Home Hubs (associated with your Apple ID) to your subscription at any time at no extra cost.

Want to learn more about Starling Protect? Here's all you need to know. Don't have a Starling Home Hub yet? Learn more and purchase here.

Still have questions? Contact us - we're here to help.

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2023년 9월 23일

starling product really good when we think about safty and protections of home


Is this only useful with the smoke detector? After having invested in outfitting two homes with two Nest Secure systems with dozens of Nest Detects, I can't believe Google is shutting it all down. Can Starling provide a solution for us being left out in the cold? I've already purchased two Starting Hubs and hoping I can keep the system working.

답글 상대:

Thanks for clarifying. It's a real shame Google is forcing use to throw away a ton of awesome well-designed hardware. My system is relatively new so this feels so wasteful. Plus, I am perfectly happy with the system. I don't understand how there can be such a mis-match between what the customer wants and their strategy. I probably won't ever buy Google hardware again. 💔

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