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Is Now a Dumb Time to Buy a Starling Home Hub?

A question posed by a fellow tech enthusiast on Reddit caught our attention recently: Is Now a Dumb Time to Buy a Starling Hub?

From our perspective, of course, the answer is always going to be the same: no! There's never a “dumb” or “wrong” time to purchase Starling Home Hub, especially if you're looking for a seamless integration solution for your Google Nest products and Apple HomeKit.

Even in the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Starling Home Hub remains a steadfast and unbeatable integration option for Nest and HomeKit. It's also the world's most popular Nest/HomeKit integration solution, with hundreds of thousands of Nest devices connected. It enables users to easily connect and control all models of the following Nest products through Apple HomeKit:

  • Nest Thermostat

  • Nest Temperature Sensor

  • Nest Camera

  • Nest Doorbell

  • Nest Protect

  • Nest x Yale Lock

With a simple setup, Starling offers comprehensive control over Nest smart home products via HomeKit, additionally supports AirPlay audio streaming to Nest speakers, and includes options for professional smoke/CO alarm monitoring with Starling Protect™. This integration enriches the smart home experience, offering convenience and enhanced functionality for users invested in both ecosystems.

Just like the headline says, you don't need to take our word for it, and indeed you shouldn't if you want a completely unbiased perspective. With the question posed by u/volcanic_clay came several replies from real Home Hub users who were eager to share their thoughts on our product.

Real Customers Share Their Thoughts on Starling Home Hub

Overcoming integration challenges, seeing real improvements in security and control, and experiencing the relief that comes with having a unified smart home ecosystem are just a few pieces of positive feedback users shared in the thread.

Now Is the Perfect Time to Invest in Starling Home Hub

Smart home integration is increasingly sought after in the IoT Age, and Starling Home Hub has become the world's most popular solution for those invested in merging the functionalities of Google Nest devices with Apple HomeKit. This demand underscores the importance of seamless home automation, where ease of use and interoperability between different ecosystems are paramount.

Recent enhancements to the Home Hub further solidify its position as a leading solution in the smart home space. These updates have focused on improving connectivity, expanding compatibility with a wider range of devices, and enhancing user experience through more intuitive controls and features. Such advancements are indicative of Starling Home Hub's commitment to staying at the forefront of smart home technology.

Positive trends in customer satisfaction, as seen by reviews on platforms like Reddit, highlight our device's reliability, ease of integration, and the value it adds to users' smart home setups. These testimonials serve as a testament to the Hub's effectiveness in addressing the needs of its users, making now an opportune time to invest in a Starling Home Hub for anyone looking to enhance their smart home ecosystem.

So, for u/volcanic_clay and everyone else asking similar questions, it's the perfect time to add Starling Home Hub to your smart home.

Starling Home Hub is for Everyone

In an era where smart home integration and seamless interaction between devices are more than just conveniences - they're a lifestyle - Starling Home Hub acts as a beacon for a diverse group. Whether you're a tech-savvy homeowner looking to integrate your Nest devices with Apple HomeKit, an Apple ecosystem user aiming for a unified smart home experience, or a developer exploring innovative integrations, Starling Home Hub speaks your language.

Starling Home Hub seamlessly bridges Nest products with Apple HomeKit, enabling functionalities like voice control via Siri, automation alongside other HomeKit-compatible devices, and remote access through the Home app. This not only enhances the utility and efficiency of your smart home setup but also elevates the overall user experience, marrying convenience with advanced technology.

Join the Starling Community

The Starling Home Hub stands out as a pivotal solution for Nest HomeKit integration. Echoing the positive sentiments found in Reddit testimonials, users have praised its ease of setup, reliability, and the new level of control it offers over their smart homes. By choosing Starling, you're not just purchasing a device; you're joining a community of forward-thinking individuals who value the integration of technology to make life at home better.

Nest and HomeKit Integration with Starling Home Hub

Curious to learn more about how Starling Home Hub can transform your smart home experience? We invite you to dive deeper into the world of seamless device integration. Join our community, engage with fellow enthusiasts, and start your journey towards a more connected, efficient, and intelligent home. Explore, engage, and elevate your home with Starling Home Hub.

You can purchase your own Starling Home Hub device directly from our site. As a true plug-and-play solution, all you have to do is connect Home Hub to your internet router or switch, then download the Starling Home Hub app to your smart device to configure the settings.

Starling takes pride in its customer support, offering detailed FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and direct support channels. Whether you're encountering a setup issue or have questions about compatibility, the Starling team is ready to assist.

Addressing Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does Starling Home Hub handle firmware updates, and will it affect my current configurations?

A: Starling Home Hub regularly receives firmware updates to improve functionality, add support for new devices, and enhance security. These updates are automatically downloaded and applied to your Hub without any user intervention required. The design of the update process ensures that your current configurations and setups remain unaffected, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience for the user.

Q: Can the Starling Home Hub integrate Nest devices into HomeKit automations and scenes?

A: Yes, once your Nest devices are connected to Apple HomeKit through the Starling Home Hub, they can be included in HomeKit automations and scenes. This means you can create custom automations that trigger your Nest devices based on other HomeKit-compatible device actions (or vice versa), time of day, or location, as well as set up scenes that adjust multiple settings across different devices with a single command.

Q: What network security protocols does Starling Home Hub support to ensure a secure connection?

A: Starling Home Hub uses industry-standard network security protocols to ensure a secure connection between your Nest devices, the Hub itself, and Apple HomeKit. These include SSL/TLS for encrypted communications, and regular security patches through firmware updates to address any emerging vulnerabilities. This multi-layered approach ensures that your smart home network remains secure against unauthorized access.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of Nest devices that can be connected to Starling Home Hub?

A: Starling Home Hub can support a large number of Nest devices at once. For pretty much everyone, the Hub will seamlessly integrate all their Nest devices without hitting any practical limits, ensuring a comprehensive and unified smart home device experience.

Q: How does Starling Home Hub maintain compatibility with Apple HomeKit and iOS updates?

A: Starling Home Hub is designed with future compatibility in mind. When Apple releases updates to HomeKit or iOS, the Starling team works to ensure that the Hub remains fully compatible with new features and security standards. This is achieved through firmware updates that are automatically applied to your Hub, ensuring it works seamlessly with the latest versions of HomeKit and iOS. The Starling team closely monitors developments in HomeKit technology to provide timely updates that enhance functionality and maintain compatibility.

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May 10

I've been extremely impressed with Starling, not only out of the box, but with the incredible focus on the aggressive updating. It's really remarkable what the company has been able to do for years. The Hub started off great when I bought it years ago and is 1000x better now. Amazing.

I'd imagine the Google to Apple integration market is far bigger, but I think Starling should also highlight the Google to Home Assistant compatibility. Home Assistant is rapidly growing, and the Starling Home Hub is a FAR more robust & flexible than the Google integration.

Anyhow thank you to the Starling team for a product I use many times a day with no fuss.


Well I suspect the comment was pointed towards the fact that Google is "supposed" to be adding Matter support to their new products (and updating firmware in some existing products) which would allow those products to directly connect to Homekit. In that use case, yes the Starling hub wouldn't be of much value.

HOWEVER, those of us who have "legacy", aka Nest products from before Google bought them, the Starling Hub is pretty much indispensable. The Nest Thermostats I have are a great product (much better than the "newer" ones with their "blah" color and display). The Starling Hub I have is rock solid and the most error free device I have, home automation wise. I've never had an …


May 10

Something you didn't directly address: How does the Starling hub fit in as devices are rolled out with Matter compatibility? Which Google devices will be updated to support Matter, and which won't? For devices that will support Matter, what advantage - if any - does Starling hub offer in that scenario?

Replying to

That's a great question! Right now, the only Nest product with Matter support is the 2020 model Nest Thermostat with mirror display. The Matter integration with Apple Home is really limited - you can change mode and temperature, but that's it. You can't control the fan (that's a biggie) or use presets. So even if you have the thermostat paired with Google Home via Matter, you'll actually get more functionality in Apple Home via Starling Home Hub than if you pair the thermostat directly with Apple Home!

At this time, Google hasn't indicated it'll support Matter for any other products. Part of that is that Matter itself is really limited right now, for example, it doesn't support cameras at all.…

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