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Since 2019. Over 300 updates.


✓ Support for AirPlay streaming to Chromecast
✓ Coming Fall 2024: support for all Google Home devices


✓ Starling Protect 24/7 professional smart monitoring
✓ HomeKit Secure Video for 1st gen Nest cameras (when transferred to the Google Home app)
✓ Redesigned video engine to improve camera experience


✓ HomeKit Secure Video for 2021+ model cameras
✓ Starling app launched on the Apple App Store
✓ Support for cameras with solar panels
✓ Support for 2022 model Nest Doorbell (2nd gen, wired)


✓ Starling Developer Connect API
✓ Dramatic camera quality improvements
✓ AirPlay to Google Nest speakers
✓ Support for 2021 model Nest cameras and doorbells


✓ Improved support for thermostats in the UK / European Union
✓ Support for Nest cameras on Apple Watch
✓ Redesigned security architecture
✓ Support for 2020 model Nest Thermostat


✓ Hello, world!
✓ At product launch: Nest Thermostat and Nest Protect support
✓ Later in the year: support for Nest cameras and Nest x Yale Lock added

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