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Beginners Guide to Smart Home

Smart Home Basics

What HomeKit is

Start your own homeKit

Fun ways to Automate your smart home

Smart home platform design by Apple

Designed by Google home, Amazon Alexa

Native HomeKit Smart Devices

Non-Native (bridge) Smart Devices

You’ll Need at least one of these Apple Devices



The Big Question


Or Apple


Google benefits and products

Apple benefits and products


The winner is both.

Can do

Can’t do (yet)… feature request

So, yes, but also no, I’ve found recently. I just picked up a Starling home to bring all my Nest devices into HomeKit and I am still a bit blown away at how well everything works after a stupid-easy setup. I’ve also started messing with Homebridge on a Raspberry Pi but it looks like Google clamped down on this recently and has made it much harder (if not impossible) to use the Nest plugins in the same way. I’m also still using both HomeKit and Google Home, but hoping to bring that down to just one ecosystem eventually.



I prefer using Smart Life instead of Tuya Smart.




Matter Standards o

Matter Products,

Non Matter Products.


New Smart products every day. List. Last updated…



Apple, Google, Amazon and other major smart home players in the Connectivity Standards Alliance — and it's starting to roll out now. Soon, that means all the best smart home devices could work better together.

Is there a way for when you cast music to speakers that it doesn’t stop playing the music when I play something else on my phone?

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