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How Starling's Nest-HomeKit integration can change (or save) your life

Before I had Starling Home Hub, I woke up every morning and went downstairs to make a coffee in my very cold kitchen. I bought a Nest Temperature Sensor to install in the kitchen so my thermostat could manage the kitchen's temperature in the morning, but it was no use: the Nest app is only able to switch sensors at fixed times which you can't change - and unfortunately while Nest's 'Morning' begins at 7AM, mine begins at 5. Then I found Starling Home Hub, which brought my Nest Thermostat and Temperature Sensors into Apple HomeKit for an easy HomeKit integration. I made a simple automation to switch to the kitchen sensor at 5AM instead of 7AM, and in a couple of minutes I was done. No more cold mornings for me. Thanks, Starling!

Before I had Starling Home Hub, every time I left the house I had to remember to arm my Nest Secure for home security. Half way to work, I'd think: did I forget to do it again this time? And so I'd pull up the Nest app to check ... not the smartest thing to do while driving, but better than no alarm being set if someone decided to break in ... at least that's what I told myself each day, until I got stopped last month and went home with a $300 traffic ticket. I promise that's the last time that's gonna happen - now with Starling Home Hub, I have a simple automation set up which helps me to make sure my Nest Secure is armed whenever I leave home. Now I don't need to worry any more - talk about a truly smart home. Thanks, Starling!

Before I had Starling Home Hub, I almost spent $200 to get a motion-activated light installed outside my front door as a handy security system element. Now with Starling, things that used to need a trip to Home Depot, an electrician to install everything, and a new credit card to pay for it all, I can configure with a few simple touches on my phone. I simply unscrewed my porch light and screwed in a smart bulb, pointed my Nest Cam out the window, and created a simple automation in the Apple Home app. Now, when the camera sees a person, the light comes on. It's a great crime deterrent - and unlike the whole-paycheck expense of a motion sensor system, doesn't trigger when trees move in the wind. Thanks, Starling Home Hub!

Before I had Starling Home Hub, I worried each day while my dad was staying with me that, if there was a fire in the kitchen when I was not home, he wouldn't know of it until it was too late. Like many in the Deaf community, he can't always hear a smoke alarm, especially if it activates in another part of my home. Living in an apartment, I'm not able to wire-in a custom visual alarm system for him. But with Starling Home Hub, I don't need to. I just set up an automation to turn on a bright colored light in every room of my apartment whenever my Nest Protect detects smoke: red if there's smoke downstairs, and blue for smoke upstairs. Now when my dad sees that light, he knows to exit right away - and which way to go. Thanks, Starling Home Hub!

Before I had Starling Home Hub, all the controls in my smart home were spread between different home automation apps. There were my older-generation Nest cameras in the Nest app, my Nest Cam (battery) in the Google Home app, and then all my other smart home stuff like lights and motion sensors in the Apple Home app. Sometimes my HomeKit motion sensor would trigger and I'd get a notification on my phone, but by the time I'd loaded up the Google Home app to see the camera I'd missed what had happened - it was so frustrating. Now with Starling Home Hub, all my Nest smart home devices live together with everything else in my smart home, in the Apple Home app. Everything is on the same screen, and it's so easy to see everything going on in my home, and control any of my smart home devices, from a single place. Thanks, Starling, for the great ecosystem integration!

Before I had Starling Home Hub, I'd go to bed and always worry if I remembered to lock my front door, which has a Nest x Yale Lock. Sure, I could get out bed again, take my phone off its charger and load up the Nest app to check - but by the time I'd done that, I might as well have just gone and checked the door. Now, I just ask Siri on my HomePod, "Hey Siri, is my front door locked?", I then get an immediate "Your Front Door is locked" back, and I'm immediately at ease and ready for a better night of sleep. Thanks, Starling!

Before I had Starling Home Hub, my "smart home" worked - kind of - but calling it "smart" was a real stretch of the imagination. Now my smart home, Google Nest devices and HomeKit actually live up to the hype, and I feel so much more safe and comfortable when I'm at home and when I'm away. Thanks, Starling, for the HomeKit integration and a lot more peace of mind!

Starling Home Hub truly puts the "smart" back in "smart home" and we're delighted to read how our Home Hub has enabled better Nest and HomeKit integrations for so many people. What can Starling do for you? Check out the Home Hub here and order it for just $99. Thanks for reading!

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