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Starling Home Hub

Connect Nest to Apple Home

Connect all Nest Cam, Doorbell, Thermostat, Protect, Secure and Nest × Yale Lock products to Apple HomeKit and Siri.
Stream audio from any Apple device to Nest Audio, Mini or Google Nest Hub.

Create your own Nest integrations beyond HomeKit with our Developer Connect API.

Perfect Nest HomeKit and AirPlay integration for your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watch, Apple TV and HomePod.
Just $99.

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* Includes full support for 2022 model Nest Doorbell (wired, 2nd gen), including video history with HomeKit Secure Video


"An excellent option for those who already have Nest products, but want the benefits of HomeKit."

Bradley Chambers,
Discover Starling Home Hub

Discover Starling Home Hub

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Simple, Smart, Secure Home Control

Just connect Starling Home Hub to your home Internet router or switch. Then, set up using the Starling iOS app to link every Nest smart home product you own to your Apple HomeKit home, and your Google/Nest smart speakers to Apple AirPlay.

Create HomeKit automations to link your Nest devices with other HomeKit products to make all your smart home devices work for you.


Turn lights on if your Nest camera detects motion, lock your Nest × Yale front door automatically when you leave home, adjust temperature for comfort and efficiency, view your cameras from anywhere on any device (including Apple Watch and TV), and much more.


Monitor and Control Your Home

Use the Apple Home app or Siri on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Watch to manage your Nest devices

Take full, secure control of your home from anywhere
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Seamless Automations

Take smart home integration to the next level with powerful automations
Link Nest with all your other HomeKit devices for enhanced convenience, function and safety

Easy Nest to HomeKit Setup

Just connect Starling Home Hub to your home router and complete our simple app-based setup

No data is shared with Starling,
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Our customers love their Nest HomeKit integration with Starling Home Hub, and so will you. Check out our customer reviews on Facebook and discover the magic of Starling Home Hub.
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Re-imagine security, comfort and convenience in your Nest/HomeKit smart home. 

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